03 Sep 2015
September 3, 2015

RB events calendar

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  • September

5th : Tyler Berg 8-9pm, Crescent Bloom 7-8pm & 9-10pm

11th : Empty #7 Band 7-8pm, George Biner 8-10pm

18th: Gil 7-8pm, Ponderosa Acres 8-10pm

19th: Choix 9-10pm, The Better Man 8-9pm, Kyle Williams 7-8pm

25th : Perse 7-10pm

26th : Aaron Chidester 7-8pm, Cat Cunningham 8-9pm, Boa Constrictors 9-10pm

  • October

3rd: Cazzey 8-10pm

9th: Solar Bear 7-8pm, Mr.Moonshine 8-9pm, The Cold Shoulders 9-10pm.

10th: Ben Warga 8-9pm, Timo 9-10 pm

16th: Lemun Milk 9pm

24th : Matthew Hill and Friends 7-10pm

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